3 Drink at least 2 litres of wa­ter a day

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MANY OF US ARE LIV­ING LIFE TOO FAST AND, AS A RE­SULT ARE IN A STATE OF DE­HY­DRA­TION. LIV­ING AT THIS PACE SPEEDS UP THE CEL­LU­LAR SYS­TEMS, AND IN PAR­TIC­U­LAR THE KID­NEYS. Drink­ing too much caf­feine can ex­ac­er­bate this and the de­hy­dra­tion ef­fect, as does spend­ing too much time in cen­trally heated, air-con­di­tioned en­vi­ron­ments. Also, eat­ing food that has been ar­ti­fi­cially flavoured and pro­cessed, re­fined and stored can re­sult in loss of nat­u­ral wa­ter con­tent. Did you know that your brain tis­sue holds the high­est wa­ter con­tent of any tis­sue in your body – that’s around 80%?

So, when we are feel­ing de­hy­drated, our brain is the first or­gan to reg­is­ter this deficit and the reg­u­la­tory sys­tems in the brain that con­trol sleep are thrown out of kil­ter. If you don’t cur­rently drink much wa­ter, then start off grad­u­ally by drink­ing

1⁄2 –1 litre a day and build up slowly un­til you’re drink­ing at least 2 litres ev­ery day.

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