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LIFTS AND OPENS THE EYE AREA, BRINGS BAL­ANCE TO YOUR FACE AND CAN RE­DE­FINE LOST CON­TOURS, AC­CORD­ING TO BROW QUEEN EX­TRAOR­DI­NAIRE, DAXITA VAGHELA OF ATHER­TON COX. In re­cent years we’ve seen trends range from bushy-browed Brooke Shields to barely there Kate Moss and back again, but when it comes to per­fect­ing a fail-safe time­less look, the best ap­proach is to stick to your nat­u­ral brow shape and sim­ply fol­low these easy-to-do rules… 1 ShaPe uP This is

NOT the time to be go­ing crazy with the tweez­ers. Be mer­ci­ful on your lit­tle hairs. Pay at­ten­tion to your nat­u­ral line, use a spoolie brush to comb your hairs up­wards and re­veal the strays, then use a sharp pair of tweez­ers (so you can be pre­cise) to whip them away. To avoid get­ting pluck-happy, draw over the ar­eas you want to tar­get with a white eye­liner pen­cil, says Daxita, and don’t stray out­side of that line. 2 GrOOm Take a brow pal­ette and use the wax to tame and neaten up your shape – this will fix your hairs in place and give your pow­der some­thing to stick to. 3 Fuller FiG­ure

Fill in any sparse ar­eas with the pal­ette’s pow­der and brush, con­cen­trat­ing on the cen­tral bend of your brow and work­ing out­wards. if you lack vol­ume at ei­ther end, shade fur­ther, but don’t over-ex­tend your nat­u­ral brow line. lay your spoolie brush flush against your face from be­side your nose to first the in­side corner of your eye, then tilt to the out­side. This is your guide, so don’t shade be­yond these two points. 4 BruSh uP ON iT You have your shape, and you’ve added the first bit of colour, now it’s time to make ev­ery­thing a bit more nat­u­ral. Brush through a brow gel one shade lighter than your nat­u­ral colour to fix your work in place, make your brows look fuller, and soften the over­all ef­fect. 5 FiN­iSh­iNG TOucheS head make-up artist for Ben­e­fit cos­met­ics, lisa Pot­ter-Dixon, ad­vises us­ing a brow high­light­ing pen­cil to draw along the un­der­side of each brow and softly blend down­wards – this will lift your eyes and make your brow shape sharper.

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