Seared soy mari­nade tuna, av­o­cado and wasabi purée, black sesame seeds and Asian slaw

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Head chef Liam Keet­ing came across from Suf­folk to work at GreyFri­ars. Pre­vi­ously to that he’d worked in Lon­don. ‘I’ve worked for the Galvin Bros, Soho Group and Caprice Hold­ings, work­ing for Restau­rant 34 as a sous chef.’ Liam left Lon­don when his daugh­ter was born and is de­lighted to have moved back to Colchester where he grew up. Liam sees part of his role as to en­cour­age the next gen­er­a­tion of chefs. ‘My aim is to keep the staff in­ter­ested in the food, al­ways get­ting them to try dif­fer­ent types of food. I want to al­ways bring on the com­mis chefs and hope­fully in­spire the next gen­er­a­tion of chefs.’

THE RECIPE... In­gre­di­ents

(serves four) 400g of tuna

For the mari­nade

200ml of light soy sauce

50ml of orange juice

10g of le­mon peel

5g of gin­ger

1 chilli

For the av­o­cado and wasabi purée

1 av­o­cado

20g of wasabi paste

5ml of le­mon juice

1g of Vi­ta­min C pow­der (if pos­si­ble)

For the Asian slaw

¼ car­rot

1 spring onion

½ chilli

20g of white mooli or daikon

For the Asian slaw dress­ing

1 green ap­ple

1 clove of gar­lic

½ white onion

200g of light miso

400ml of rice wine vine­gar

150g of caster sugar

For the gar­nish

Black sesame seeds


For the Asian dress­ing, peel and rough chop the onion, gar­lic and ap­ple (re­mov­ing the core). In a pan, add the rice wine vine­gar and sugar and slowly warm un­til the sugar has dis­solved. Re­move from the heat and al­low to cool. Once cool, whisk in the miso. Leave to one side. In a blender add onions, gar­lic and ap­ple and blitz to a purée.

Mix it all to­gether and let it rest for around 6 hours, the longer the bet­ter.

Mix all the in­gre­di­ents for the mari­nade to­gether then add the tuna and al­low to mar­i­nate for one hour in the fridge. Blitz the av­o­cado and wasabi to­gether in a blender un­til smooth, then add the le­mon juice, Vi­ta­min C pow­der (if pos­si­ble) and sea­son with salt.

Cut the car­rot, spring onion, chilli (de-seeded) and mooli or daikon into juli­enne (thin strips) and place into ice cold wa­ter to keep them crisp. To serve, place some oil in a fry­ing pan and when hot, place the tuna into a pan and sear each side for around 10-15 sec­onds. Mix the dress­ing with the Asian slaw to taste.

Draw a cou­ple of lines of the av­o­cado and wasabi mix across the plate. Slice the tuna into five or six pieces and then lay on top of the lines of av­o­cado and spoon the slaw on top of the tuna. Fin­ish off with the black sesame seeds to gar­nish.


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