Dressed-up Donna would fall for co­me­dian Peter Kay

Donna Ged­des

Evening Express (City Final) - The Guide - - LET’S PARTY -

Age: 33

Oc­cu­pa­tion: Pupil sup­port as­sis­tant, St Machar Academy

From: New­machar

QHow do you dress to im­press?

AWhen­ever I go out in town I wear a dress. I love to go shop­ping be­fore a night out.

QWhat items do you take with you on a night out?

AMy phone, wal­let, keys and per­fume.

QWhere is the best place to start a night out?

ASoul Bar is pretty good as it’s a mix of ages and there’s lots of dif­fer­ent groups of peo­ple.

QWhere does the hottest tal­ent hang out?

AIt’s been a while since I was out look­ing for tal­ent but I’d prob­a­bly say Soul Bar or Dusk.

QWhat’s your never-fail chat-up line?

A“ I’ve lost my num­ber, can I have yours?” would prob­a­bly work for me.


your favourite late-night snack?

AProb­a­bly a pizza but I’m not too fussy what kind.

QWhat’s your most em­bar­rass­ing in­ci­dent on a night out? AI tripped com­ing up the stairs in the Wild Boar when I was there



would you most like to have a night out with?

AI’d love to have a night out with Peter Kay as he’d be hi­lar­i­ous. You’d def­i­nitely get a bit of a gig­gle if you were out with him.


would you least like to have a night out with?

AI think spend­ing an evening with any politi­cian would be bor­ing.

TRIP: Donna Ged­des.

FUN­NY­MAN: TV star Peter Kay.

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