‘Wak­ing up on doorstep was em­bar­rass­ing’

Evening Express (City Final) - The Guide - - LET’S PARTY -

Greg Innes Age: 21

Oc­cu­pa­tion: Re­tail man­ager at The Good Food Store

From: Rose­mount

QHow do you dress to im­press?

AA nice shirt, smart jeans and nor­mally a pair of manky train­ers. I’m not a fan of the dress shoe pol­icy but the rest of me al­ways looks smart.

QWhat do you take on a night out?

AMy phone and keys – and money is help­ful.

QWhere’s the best place to start a night out?

AS­nafu, Tiger Tiger and Korova are the main places I go. But I also like Ma Cameron’s and the Nep­tune bar for a quiet drink.


does the hottest tal­ent hang out?

AI’d say Tiger Tiger on Fri­day nights.


your nev­er­fail chat-up line?

AI’ve heard a cou­ple of good lines but have never re­ally used them. I ap­proach women with cau­tion.

QWhat’s your favourite late night snack?

AVeg­gie pakora. I nor­mally try to hag­gle the sell­ers down and I of­ten get a lit­tle bit of money off.

QWhat’s your most em­bar­rass­ing in­ci­dent? AI woke up one morn­ing on a doorstep in Crown Street cov­ered in stovies. That was pretty em­bar­rass­ing.


would you most like to have a night out with?

ACh­eryl Cole – she’d be a good laugh and she’s per­fect.

QWho like to would have a you night least out with?

ARus­sell can­not Brand stand him. – I

HAG­GLER: Greg Innes.

GOOD LAUGH: Ch­eryl Cole.

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