Re­becca New­man finds that eat­ing right for your body type can be as ef­fec­tive as any diet

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Do you fi nd that, hav­ing eaten the per­fect por­ridge and blue­berry break­fast, you’re crav­ing cho­co­late half an hour later? Or that you never re­ally seem to feel full and fi nd your­self per­pet­u­ally graz­ing? Take cheer. It may not be nat­u­ral glut­tony, it may be that you’re not eat­ing cor­rectly to type.

Func­tional di­ag­nos­tic nu­tri­tion­ist Han­nah Richards spe­cialises in Meta­bolic Typ­ing ®. First, she asks you to write a di­ary of ev­ery­thing you eat and how it makes you feel, and con­ducts a de­tailed as­sess­ment of around 150 ques­tions. This en­ables her to an­a­lyse your au­to­nomic ner­vous sys­tem (which con­trols your di­ges­tion, im­mune sys­tem and body tem­per­a­ture) and your ox­ida­tive type (the rate at which your cells make en­ergy from food).

She dis­cov­ers that I am a fast ox­i­diser – ie, some­one who con­verts food swiftly – and that for me eat­ing an orange, for ex­am­ple, will boost un­de­sir­able lev­els of acid­ity; for a slow ox­i­diser, an orange would have a pos­i­tive al­ka­line ef­fect.

There is a colour- coded food chart demon­strat­ing the best nu­tri­ents for your type: for me 50 to 60 per cent of each meal should be pro­tein, with an em­pha­sis on red meat. Fur­ther, I should eat the pro­tein at the be­gin­ning of the meal, to dampen in­sulin re­lease be­fore I start on the carbs.

Over eight weeks Han­nah fur­ther tai­lors the pro­por­tions of the diet, un­til each client fi nds their best body weight and com­fort­able di­ges­tion. For fast ox­i­dis­ers 50% pro­tein, 20% carbs, 30% fat Break­fast Salmon, eggs, spinach Snack Wal­nuts, chicken breast, rice cracker with nut but­ter For slow ox­i­dis­ers 60% carbs, 25% pro­tein, 15% fat Break­fast Oats with berries and milk Snack Fruit, Ryvita Ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion, £140; fol­low-up ses­sion, £100 (movethree­

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