Break-up saw Louise shed 7 stone in a year

Evening Telegraph (First Edition) - - Front Page - BY ADAM HILL

A WOMAN has told how she dropped six dress sizes in a year af­ter split­ting up with her part­ner.

At her heav­i­est, Louise Ross weighed 16 stone and was a size 20.

But the 29-year-old from Dry­burgh now says that she has never felt bet­ter af­ter shed­ding seven stone, and drop­ping to a size eight, since her re­la­tion­ship ended.

She told the Tele how she went from eat­ing fam­ily-sized pack­ets of choco­lates and crisps to healthy home-cooked meals — and says she’s “never felt bet­ter” as a re­sult.

She said: “I had al­ways been fat but I was work­ing in an of­fice and all I was do­ing was eat­ing.

“It was al­ways in my mind that I wanted to lose weight but I never did any­thing about it.

“But af­ter I broke up with my boyfriend I just went to the shop and bought loads of healthy food and that was how it started.

“It re­ally mo­ti­vated me to make a change in my life. I had put on a lot of weight in the time that I was with him.

“I al­ways told peo­ple I was happy de­spite my weight — but I wasn’t.

“I was eat­ing take­aways all the time and I was eat­ing a lot when I was work­ing in the of­fice.

“It was al­ways a Chi­nese, KFC or Mc­Don­ald’s f or tea and fam­ily-sized bags of crisps and Mal­te­sers — peo­ple at work used to tell me I was eat­ing a lot but I would just say ‘what else am I meant to do’?

“But I feel so much bet­ter now. I am so glad that I did some­thing about it.

“I didn’t go on any of th­ese fad di­ets or any­thing, it was all just about count­ing the calo­ries I was eat­ing.

“My dad was ac­tu­ally try­ing to lose weight at the same time which was re­ally help­ful.

“That’s what it comes down to — burn more calo­ries than you eat and you will lose weight.

“Since I lost the weight, I have had peo­ple mes­sag­ing me ask­ing if I did this diet or used that prod­uct — but it’s just about mak­ing a life­style change.

“It was a com­plete life­style change for me and I can gen­uinely say that I have never felt bet­ter.”

Louise is now work­ing as a care worker, which she says has made her more ac­tive — and she be­lieves that is pay­ing div­i­dends in help­ing her keep the weight off.

She hopes her story can in­spire peo­ple to be­lieve they can achieve their weight-loss goals — and also prove that they don’t need fad di­ets or the help of sup­ple­ments.

She added: “Hon­estly, if I can do it any­one can.

“You don’t need any­thing other than to count your calo­ries — none of th­ese fad di­ets — all you need is healthy in­gre­di­ents.

“Los­ing weight has been the best thing I have ever done — any­one else that wants to do it can do it.

“All I did was start to eat three, small, healthy meals a day to be­gin with — now I am ex­er­cis­ing to try to tone up a bit so I can eat more than that.”

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