Mi­graines can be man­aged

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suf­fer from mi­graines. How can I man­age them? tend to be most ef­fec­tive if taken at the first signs of a mi­graine at­tack, as this gives them time to ab­sorb into your blood­stream and ease your headaches.

When tak­ing over-the-counter painkillers, al­ways make sure you read the in­struc­tions on the pack­ag­ing and fol­low the dosage rec­om­men­da­tions.

If or­di­nary painkillers are not help­ing to re­lieve your mi­graine symp­toms, make an ap­point­ment to see your GP.

They may rec­om­mend tak­ing painkillers in ad­di­tion to a type of med­i­ca­tion called a trip­tan and pos­si­bly anti-sick­ness med­i­ca­tion. Trip­tan medicines are a spe­cific painkiller for mi­graine headaches. They’re thought to work by rev­ers­ing the changes in the brain that may cause mi­graine headaches.

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