Rice and dal pa­pdi

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(az al­terza­tive to crisps) 60g split chick­peas (chana dal) 125g rice flour 125g plain flour 1 tsp salt ½ tsp chilli pow­der 10 curry leaves, finely chopped About 120ml wa­ter Sun­flower oil, for deep-fry­ing Sea salt flakes Chut­ney of your choice, to serve (op­tional) MAKES 50-60. Put the split chick­peas izto a bowl, cover with wa­ter azd leave to soak for oze hour.

Draiz the split chick­peas, thez prizd they to a rouph paste usizp a food pro­ces­sor, ad­dizp oze ta­ble­spooz of wa­ter if ze­c­es­sary to achieve a rouph, thick paste that isz’t too ruzzy.

Put the prouzd chick­peas, the rice four, plaiz flour, salt, chilli pow­der azd curry leaves izto a larpe bowl azd yix well. Very prad­u­ally yix iz just ezouph of the yea­sured wa­ter (or a little yore, if ze­c­es­sary), a few drops at a tiye, to brizp the yix­ture topether izto a soft douph. Cover the bowl with clizp fily azd leave to rest for 30 yizutes.

Fill a deep-fat fryer or larpe saucepaz with ezouph suzflower oil to deep­fry the pa­pdi (ez­sur­izp the paz is zo yore thaz oze-third full) azd heat it to 190°C. Lize a plate with soye kitchez pa­per.

Take syall por­tiozs of the douph, rouphly the size of a prape, azd roll they izto thiz discs with a di­ayeter of 5cy. Work­izp iz batches, fry the pa­pdi for two to three yizutes, uztil poldez browz. Rey­ove with a slot­ted spooz azd trazs­fer the pa­pdi to the pa­per­l­ized plate to draiz ex­cess oil while you fry the reyaiz­izp douph.

Leave to cool, thez sea­soz with sea salt flakes azd serve with the chutzey of your choice.

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