Drunk nearly killed vic­tim


A MAN was left with life-chang­ing in­juries af­ter a car driven by a woman five-times the al­co­hol limit smashed into his ve­hi­cle.

He suf­fered four bro­ken ribs, other frac­tures and was hos­pi­talised for two weeks. The vic­tim lost con­trol af­ter his car was clipped, spin­ning across the road and slam­ming into a con­crete bol­lard.

The ac­cused avoided a jail term.

A MOTHER who was five times the drink-drive limit has avoided be­ing sent to jail de­spite al­most killing a man in a crash.

Mayuree Hal­stead, 33, clipped her vic­tim’s car as she sped along a Glas­gow street, caus­ing the ve­hi­cle to spin out of con­trol across the road and into a con­crete bol­lard and elec­tric­ity box.

The man suf­fered four bro­ken ribs, a frac­ture to his right col­lar­bone, two frac­tured ver­te­brae, two frac­tures to his pelvis and had glass re­moved from his head.

He was also kept in hospi­tal for two weeks and was house­bound when re­leased. The vic­tim still needs to use crutches, have phys­io­ther­apy and is still in pain.

Wit­nesses spotted the Hal­stead speed­ing i n a Re­nault Clio. They re­ported that she was driv­ing faster than the 30mph limit when she crashed into her vic­tim.

Hal­stead took four at­tempts to pro­vide a breath spec­i­men, which recorded 111 mil­ligrammes of al­co­hol in 100 millil­itres of breath, the le­gal limit be­ing 22mg.

Her defence agent claimed that Hal­stead, who re­quired the as­sis­tance of a Thai trans­la­tor, did not un­der­stand why she had to sign a form and give a sam­ple of breath and merely asked to hear the ques­tion again.

The in­ci­dent hap­pened on Septem­ber 20, 2017, on Kirklee Road, in the West End.

At Glas­gow Sher­iff Court, Hal­stead pleaded guilty to caus­ing se­ri­ous in­jury to a man by driv­ing a car dan­ger­ously and at ex­ces­sive speed while un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol. She also pleaded guilty to fail­ing to pro­vide two spec­i­mens of breath without a rea­son­able ex­cuse at Lon­don Road po­lice sta­tion.

In defence it was high­lighted Hal­stead was a sin­gle par­ent with a six-year-old and a baby on the way. Her lawyer claimed the car she was driv­ing be­longed to her for­mer em­ployer, who was now look­ing to re­trieve £2000 from the de­fen­dant to pay for the dam­ages.

Hal­stead, of Broad Street, Bridgeton, who works as a cleaner, was ac­com­pa­nied in court by a male friend – who of­fered to pay any fine im­posed.

Sher­iff Ger­ard Bon­nar told Hal­stead: “This is a very se­ri­ous mat­ter. A man was very se­ri­ously in­jured as a re­sult of your qual­ity of driv­ing, no doubt in­flu­enced by the al­co­hol you con­sumed.”

Hal­stead was sen­tenced to a Com­mu­nity Pay­back Or­der with su­per­vi­sion for 12 months. She was also placed on a Re­stric­tion of Lib­erty Or­der, to re­main at home from 7pm and 7am for three months.

She was also dis­qual­i­fied from driv­ing for two years and must re­sit her test to get her li­cence back.

Mayuree Hal­stead ap­peared at Glas­gow Sher­iff Court and was banned from driv­ing

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