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SIR: In my youth we went to the pic­tures once a week and although the news was on the wire­less we looked for­ward to the news­reel to see world events that were usu­ally not re­ported on the BBC. Two an­nual hap­pen­ings that are never heard of these days were:

1) The New Year Chelsea Arts Ball. It was sen­sa­tional to us. The stu­dents wore fancy dress and sat on huge floats that they had made. The girls were usu­ally very scant­ily dressed and were up­per­most on the floats. At the stroke of the New Year the floats were torn apart and may­hem fol­lowed with bod­ies ev­ery­where. We had never seen such hap­pen­ings, but in the present age no one would be sur­prised.

2) The Aga Khan was weighed and he sat in a seat and his fol­low­ers matched his weight with their gifts of di­a­monds. These were in a huge scoop which was bal­anced by the Aga Khan in his seat. As

he was as fat as he was high, each year he must have been given a for­tune in di­a­monds. I won­der when this cus­tom died out? The present Aga Khan is a grand­son and a very quiet man who never hits the head­lines.— SHIRLEY CHILDS ( nee FAR­RELL), FORMBY, LAN­CASHIRE.


South Stack light­house, An­gle­sey. A reader is ask­ing about fam­ily con­nec­tions to light­house builders. See let­ter this page.

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