Evergreen - - Spring 2016 -


es­pe­cially to Sylvia Glais­ter of Bun­gay in Suf­folk and Inez El­s­ley from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, we have man­aged to put to­gether the lyrics of this lovely song re­quested in the Au­tumn 2015 is­sue. The first and last verse are self­ex­plana­tory and the tune turns out to be a well- known gavotte which most of you would recog­nise in­stantly! The rest of the words are avail­able on re­quest:

In a quaint old chateau gar­den Stood a shep­herdess of carven

stone, And over by the sleep­ing foun­tain Stood a lit­tle shep­herd all alone. But when moon­light fl oods the

al­leys And the nightin­gale sings all night

through, They waken and they meet to­gether In a sen­ti­men­tal ren­dezvous.

****** Through the gar­den goes the

shep­herd Step­ping ever where the shad­ows

fall, His shep­herdess is left all lonely On her lit­tle mar­ble pedestal. And the gar­dener on the mor­row Passes by the two and never knows, The lit­tle shep­herd now is hold­ing

fast The shep­herdess’s mar­ble rose.

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