Evergreen - - Summer 2016 -


a re­cent church ram­ble in the Cotswolds we stopped off at an old pub with ex­tremely low doors. I chose duck from the menu then a col­league pointed out the sign on the door ( be­low). We all ducked on exit but one lady was too busy talk­ing and for­got to dip un­der the next door. Ouch! To her credit she re­frained from grous­ing.

The orig­i­nal grouser was Mr. Growser in The Ad­ven­tures of Toy­town who fa­mously com­plained to any­one within hear­ing dis­tance with a long drawn out: “It’s dis­grace­ful” but why was his name spelt dif­fer­ently? Does any­body know?

If you can re­mem­ber Toy­town, with mis­chievous Larry the Lamb, and his de­vi­ous chum Den­nis the Dachshund, then I warmly rec­om­mend a book ( above right) which I en­joyed read­ing and recreating the orig­i­nal voices in my head as I turned each page.

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