Watch­ing the world go by with... ‘ Way­farer’

Evergreen - - Summer 2016 -

Idon’t know if the red ad­mi­ral landed in the pud­dle by mis­take or if the wind had blown it there but it wasn’t go­ing to rise again un­der its own power. Those beau­ti­ful wings were spread — and wet. The weight of the wa­ter or the sur­face ten­sion ef­fec­tively glued the lit­tle flier to the ground where ex­haus­tion, the cold or a thought­less step would surely fin­ish it off.

I had two bags of shop­ping and a dog I was train­ing. I no­ticed the ad­mi­ral but I kept on walk­ing. Then I slowed and stopped. If I ex­pected help from un­ex­pected sources then I ought to be that un­ex­pected source some­times.

How did the ad­mi­ral know what to do when I knelt in front of it and laid a finger in the pud­dle? I could have been yet an­other danger­ous thing. Still, it dragged it­self to­wards me, wa­ter­logged wings trail­ing be­hind. I felt the tickle of its feet as it climbed onto my finger and saw the wings shake as they broke free of that killing pud­dle.

The heat from my hand seemed to help. I watched as the ad­mi­ral closed and spread its wings a few times. But the shop­ping and the puppy were wait­ing so I reached to the branch of a nearby tree and the ad­mi­ral stepped onto a more fa­mil­iar plat­form.

Walk­ing away I won­dered what the ex­pe­ri­ence must have been like for the but­ter­fly. Like noth­ing it could ever have imag­ined, prob­a­bly. But it still walked onto my hand and saved its own life.

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