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At last! In the sum­mer 2016 is­sue I urged read­ers to con­tact Vir­gin Me­dia and ask them to take the chan­nel called Talk­ing Pic­tures which deals with old films, particularly in black and white but also in colour.

It is a fam­ily- run busi­ness which unashamedly favours the kind of movie which all the fam­ily can en­joy with­out fear of bad lan­guage or worse. Imag­ine my de­light, there­fore, when our sound engi­neer, Eric Holmes, rang to tell me it had be­gun broad­cast­ing on Vir­gin Me­dia from 1st June while I was away on hol­i­day.

It can be found on Chan­nel 445, a most wel­come ad­di­tion to the other film chan­nels, many of which fea­ture only sleazy Amer­i­can movies quite un­suit­able for the fam­ily in gen­eral or chil­dren in par­tic­u­lar. It de­serves our whole­hearted support so please tune in if you pos­si­bly can. Hur­rah!

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