ECE 22.05

Evo - - GET ON TRACK -

‘ Eco­nomic Com­mis­sion for Europe’ reg­u­la­tion for hel­mets, ac­cepted in 47 coun­tries. Good for road use, most kar ting and track­days, but not mo­tor­spor t.

SNELL SA2010 & SA2015

Snell is a pri­vate, non­profit or­gan­i­sa­tion formed in 1957 to im­prove hel­met safety. Test­ing is more rig­or­ous thant gov­ern­men­tal ro­cesses, and in­cludes fir­ere­tar­dant qual­i­ties, im­pact test­ing , and re­mov­abilit y. The for­mer rat­ing , SA2005, may not be el­i­gi­ble for cur­rent mo­tor­spor t se­ries.

FIA 8 860 -2010 & 8 8 59 -2015

Any driver com­pet­ing in an FIA event must wear a hel­met that meets FIA ho­molo­ga­tion – cur­rently the most strin­gent stan­dard in the world. FIA 8860- 2010 still valid, with FIA 8859 - 2015 the most up - to - date. A hel­met will only per form at its best in an emer­gency if it fits – and we all have sub­tly dif fer­ent- sized and shaped heads. So mea sure your head to get a rough guide ( use a tape mea sure hor­i­zon­tally about an inch above your eye­brows), but al­ways tr y on a s many brands a s you c an. Hel­met lin­ing s will sof ten a lit­tle, so go for a snug fit. And buy the best and most up to date hel­met you c an af ford. Af ter all, it’s only your head.

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