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Freshly beaten by the fo­cus Rs, our golf R demon­strates where it still has the up­per hand

Evo - - FAST FLEET - Dan Prosser (@Thedan­prosser)

The Volk­swa­gen golf R is no longer evo’s four­wheel-drive su­per-hatch of choice. as you’ll know if you read henry Catch­pole’s group test last month, the golf R was de­throned by the new ford fo­cus Rs (al­though the Vw did save face by tak­ing care of its more ex­pen­sive in-house ri­val, the audi Rs3).

as a golf R driver (and apol­o­gist) I was, of course, fu­ri­ous. how could Catch­pole have got it so wrong? I can only as­sume the thin Montser­rat moun­tain air starved his brain of oxy­gen and af­fected his judge­ment. a ford? Please…

In all se­ri­ous­ness, I have driven the fo­cus Rs and I reckon it’s prob­a­bly the right de­ci­sion. I wasn’t on the group test my­self, so I’ll wait un­til I’ve driven both cars backto-back on the same roads be­fore reach­ing my own con­clu­sions, but

Tthe ford cer­tainly is a very spe­cial ma­chine. Catch­pole and pho­tog­ra­pher as­ton Par­rott shared the golf R for the mon­ster 2000-mile round-trip to Barcelona. armed with an iphone stuffed full of episodes and a glove­box loaded with haribo, the dy­namic duo dis­patched each run in a sin­gle hit. Catch­pole was so full of praise for the R as a long- dis­tance de­vice, in fact, that I reck­oned I’d strug­gle to get the keys back upon his re­turn.

would the fo­cus Rs have been so amenable over such a long jour­ney? will it prove to be as ef­fec­tive as a daily driver as the Volk­swa­gen? hav­ing now cov­ered so many miles in the golf R, I would be stunned if the ford man­ages to match it in this re­gard.

al­though they look like di­rect ri­vals on pa­per, I won­der just how much cross­over there’ll be be­tween fo­cus Rs and golf R buyer groups. I could well imag­ine cer­tain ford buy­ers think­ing the Vw deathly dull, and some of the golf R crowd reck­on­ing the Rs to be de­cid­edly low-rent. Dateac­quired To­talmileage Mileageth­is­month Cost­sthis­month mpgth­is­month septem­ber 2015 11,234 3988 £0 31.3

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