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‘ As soon a s in­sur­ance bec ame less of an is­sue, I star ted to look for some­thing in­ter­est­ing to drive and stum­bled across the Fi­esta ST. This wa s about six years a go. I looked at about six be­fore I ended up with a 2005 Per for­mance Blue pref­acelif t model with around 67,000 miles on the clock.

‘ In stan­dard guise th­ese c ars are a lit­tle bit lack­lus­tre. For tu­nately I dis­cov­ered Fi­es­tas­toc and found that with some sim­ple bolt- on mods for the breath­ing side of thing s, they free up nicely and trans­form into a whole dif fer­ent c ar. Mine ended up with a K& N in­duc­tion kit, a full Mill­tek ex­haust, AP coilovers, Cos­wor th Streetma ster front brake pads and a front strut brace, along with some vis­ual mods in­clud­ing a TRC split­ter and a finned dif fuser.

‘ It wa sn’t the quick­est c ar, but it wa s an ab­so­lute dream to drive and would put a smile on my face ever y time I got be­hind the wheel. I sold it la st Au­gust af ter five years of own­er­ship and hav­ing clocked up a fur ther 40,000 miles. It would av­era ge around 30mpg quite ea sily, with this ob­vi­ously drop­ping the more you en­joyed it. Not bad, though, for a fun 2- litre hatch.

‘ I had a few is­sues with it over the years. The front brake disc s kept warp­ing , which turned out to be a warped hub face c aus­ing run- out on the disc s. The of fside front top mount sheared, the c abin f looded due to blocked drain holes in the bulk­head, and the heated front screen stopped fully work­ing , though only the la st of th­ese is a com­mon fault on the ST.

‘ To this day I kind of re­gret sell­ing mine, a s it ticked all the boxes. I re­placed it with a Mk6 Zetec S that I bought from a friend at a ver y good price a s I am in the process of buy­ing my first house. Needs must…’

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