Strange marks on the paint­work with no ob­vi­ous cause pose a co­nun­drum

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THIS MONTH – the cu­ri­ous case of the stripy bon­net… With the Gt2 laid up over winter un­der a car cover, I checked it ev­ery cou­ple of weeks or so for damp, mice, bat­tery charge and all the other things that winter stor­age can con­jure up.

One day, I pulled back the cover and a strange mark on the bon­net caught my eye – it looked as if some­thing had dripped on it and then run down it, leav­ing a stripe. A good rub with a mi­crofi­bre cloth didn’t make a dif­fer­ence, which was odd, so I phoned Gtech­niq to ask if it was any­thing to do with the Crys­tal Serum paint pro­tec­tion that was ap­plied late last year.

‘Very un­likely’ came the re­sponse. Not only that, but hav­ing also seen some pho­tos of the mark, Gtech­niq was stumped as to what could have

Tcaused it, and of­fered to send out one of its de­tail­ers to in­spect it. the mys­tery deep­ened, even af­ter an in­spec­tion by an ex­pert de­tailer. I won­dered if brake fluid could have caused the mark (even though the car had not been any­where near brake fluid over the winter), but Gtech­niq didn’t think this would pen­e­trate the serum. Nev­er­the­less, Gtech­niq tested some DOT 4 brake fluid on the serum back at its lab and… the serum did in­deed re­pel the fluid! Cue some more head­scratch­ing.

Us­ing a ma­chine-pol­isher took some of the stripe away, but it was still vis­i­ble, and with the rest of the car pretty much per­fect, it was re­ally bug­ging me. Also, hav­ing put all my spare cash into my 911 SC, I didn’t re­ally have much left in the piggy bank for a re­spray for the Gt2’s

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