‘Th er 8 is a fan­tas­tic car and the ear­lierv8s rep­re­sents up e rb value for money, but there area num­ber of things to look out for. Prob­a­bly the most ex­pen­sive po­ten­tial pit­fal­lis­themag-ridedampers, as th­ey­can­leak. They’re £1000 each, plus labour. Per­son­ally i find them too stiff for road use soi wouldn’ t saythey’rea­must-haveop­tion.

‘Clutch es can be prob­lem­atic, es­pe­cially on early cars. The slave cylin­der can seize up–a heavy clutch pedal is the sign. The knockon ef­fect can be trans­mis­sion dam­age or pre­ma­ture clutch wear, and a new clutch is £3600[ fit­ted, ataspe­cial­ist]. Somepeo­ple­don’t

rat ether-t ronic gear box bu ti think its fine if driven prop­erly, with as light lift on up shifts.

‘Brakes can suf­fer from cor­ro­sion where the steel slider plates bolt to the alu­minium calipers. This­can­causethe brakes to start to seize on, which can lead to warped discs.

‘En­sure the air con works. The front-mounted con­densers can take a bat­ter­ing but it’ s the com­pres­sor that’ s the big worry be­cause re­place­ment is an en­gine-out­job.

‘The en­gines are in­cred­i­bly strong but en­sure the car has an im­pec­ca­ble his­tory. You can get into av 8 from around£35k, but many cars at the cheaper end of the mar­ket need work. A pre-pur­chase in­spec­tion is money well­spent.’

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