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‘As you’ d ex­pect of a car of this era, the thing to re­ally watch out foris­rust. They can vary a huge amount de­pend­ing on whether they’ ve been pam­pered or led a hard life, but you still need to check­the­sills, the­seamwhere the floor panel meets the sill, the­whee­larches, the­do­ors, the lower bulk head and the front sus­pen­sion sub frame.

‘Me­chanic ally they’ re strong and easy to work on too–you can have as tab at find­ing out what’ s wrong with­out re sort­ing to a spe­cial­ist as they’ re pretty sim­ple. They can get a lit­tle smoky, mainly down to old valve stem seals, and they can be­come a lit­tle rat­tly on the­bot­tomend. Gear­box­e­sare gen­er­ally strong but watch for afail­ingsec­ond-gearsyn­chro. Sus­pen­sion and brakes are straight­for­ward; rear­brake­shave a ten­dency to seize if the car’ s been­stand­ing.

‘Most parts are still avail­able and we’ ve had quite a few made forthemk2, too. The­fac­tory Re ca rosa re su­per de­sir­able but the stan­dard sports seats are pretty good and we now stock the cloth to have them re-trimmed.

‘Themk2­golfg ti is a very achiev­able clas­sic. You can buy one­for­a­grand– it’ll­ber­ough, but you can get them– and­for £5000-6000 you should be able to buy a very good ex­am­ple .’

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