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I have to ask if the fig­ures quoted in the end- of-term re­port on your long-term BMW i8 [above] ( evo 238) are cor­rect?

You state that the car has a range of ‘up to 20 miles’ on elec­tric power, and that it cost £ 3 to recharge overnight on cheap- rate elec­tric­ity. At cur­rent prices, £ 3 buys around 0.55 gal­lons of petrol, so if the car can only do 20 miles on £3 of elec­tric­ity, in terms of cost per mile that’s equiv­a­lent to just over 36mpg.

I thought the point of EVS was that they were sup­posed to be more eco­nom­i­cal than their petrol equiv­a­lents? Did no- one at BMW get that memo? Si­mon Long, Cam­bridge

Our mis­take. £3, or there­abouts, is the cost to fully charge the i8’s bat­ter­ies on a day­time rate. Charg­ing overnight on a cheaper tar­iff brings the cost com­fort­ably be­low 80p, which for a 20-mile range gives the equiv­a­lent of over 130mpg. – SG

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