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It’s enough to make any race en­gi­neer weep: exquisitely crafted For­mula 1 car parts shat­tered, crushed, wrecked and ru­ined by the rigours of the race track. And that’s be­fore they tot up the cost of the new bits…

Mar­shals over­see the af­ter­math of the epic, car­wreck­ing shunt be­tween Kimi Räikkö­nen’s Fer­rari and Fer­nando Alonso’s Mclaren at the 2015 Aus­trian GP

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

Alonso needed a new chas­sis, and de­vel­op­ment com­po­nents were de­stroyed along with the en­gine. To­tal cost, in­clud­ing build­ing new parts and fly­ing them to Aus­tria for the pos­trace test, was around £1.8m.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

All teams bring suf­fi­cient equip­ment to grands prix to make non-struc­tural re­pairs. A touch-up job such as this is cheap and quick, but no doubt Ron would pre­fer a full re­spray…

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

Non-struc­tural car­bon body­work of this size costs £16,500. Re­place­ment and other checks took 55 min­utes.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

The power unit and trans­mis­sion were sal­vaged, but the rest of the car was be­yond re­pair. Cost was in the re­gion of £1.4mil­lion.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

The dam­aged nosecone, wing and front sus­pen­sion had to be re­placed be­tween races, at a cost of around £113,000.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

Nei­ther car could con­tinue in the race so the dam­aged parts were re­placed ahead of the next race at a cost of £266,000.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

The nose and front wing needed to be re­placed (£80,000) – a sim­ple bolt-on job tak­ing sec­onds. The dam­age to the rear was re­pairable within hours.

Es­ti­mated time/cost of re­pair

The ‘tub’ sur­vived the 46G im­pact and the team worked overnight to fit new wings, floor, sus­pen­sion, en­gine and trans­mis­sion at a com­bined cost of £1.3mil­lion.


Car Lo­tus E23 Pi­lot Romain Gros­jean Cause A failed fix­ing meant a sec­tion of en­gine cover worked loose dur­ing FP2 in Barcelona 2015. On the main straight, the en­tire cover dis­in­te­grated.

Car Fer­rari SF15-T Pi­lot Kimi Räikkö­nen Cause First-lap jostling in the 2015 Aus­trian GP led to a shunt in which Fer­nando Alonso’s Mclaren be­came col­lat­eral.

Car Mclaren MP4-30 Pi­lot Fer­nando Alonso Cause First-lap ac­ci­dent in the 2015 Aus­trian Grand Prix.

Car Mclaren MP4-30 Pi­lot Fer­nando Alonso Cause Cos­metic dam­age from stones thrown up dur­ing first prac­tice at the 2015 Bahrain GP.

Car Force In­dia VJM08 Pi­lot Nico Hülken­berg Cause The front wing mount­ings failed in the 2015 Hun­gar­ian GP, re­sult­ing in a loss of con­trol and im­pact with the bar­rier.

Car Lo­tus E23 Pi­lots Pas­tor Mal­don­ado, Romain Gros­jean Cause Daniel Ric­cia­rdo tried for the in­side line at the start of the Bri­tish Grand Prix, push­ing Gros­jean into his team-mate. Car Mercedes WO6 Pi­lot Lewis Hamil­ton Cause A spin in the wet at Mon­tréal 2015 put Hamil­ton into the wall, nose-first; the re­cov­ery crane dam­aged his rear wing.

Car Toro Rosso STR10 Pi­lot Car­los Sainz Cause Sainz lost con­trol af­ter ad­just­ing his brake map­ping in FP3 at the 2015 Rus­sian GP

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