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Your es­sen­tial F1 briefing #23 Suc­ces­sion

Name Suc­ces­sion Age As old as hu­man civil­i­sa­tion Ap­pear­ance As­sertive, when vis­i­ble

Wasn’t that an aban­doned sin­gle by Heaven 17? No, you twit, I re­fer to the word. I see. You know, my aunt has had a suc­ces­sion of door-to-door sales­men around re­cently. She’s now the proud owner of, among other things, a steam wand for sweep­ing the floor. Gave the cat quite a fright. I’m think­ing of dis­con­nect­ing the door­bell. That’s not quite what I had in mind. What then? Suc­ces­sion. From Old French. Via the Latin suc­ces­sionem mean­ing: “a com­ing into an­other’s place”. But an idea that, in fact, has been cen­tral to hu­man civil­i­sa­tion ever since Homo sapi­ens lum­bered forth from the Sty­gian murk and be­gan to bash one an­other over the head with bones to de­ter­mine who was in charge. Ye gods! Sounds like a Tory lead­er­ship con­test. In re­cent weeks, both Fer­rari pres­i­dent Ser­gio Mar­chionne and Mclaren op­ti­miser-in-chief Ron Den­nis have spo­ken about the need to iden­tify a suc­ces­sor to Bernie Ec­cle­stone in the long run. I’ll bet they have. And have they humbly and self-dep­re­cat­ingly put them­selves for­ward for the role, hmmm? Ron did say: “I would be flat­tered to be asked.” I do hope he’s not hold­ing his breath for that. He went on to say: “I would de­cline.” Dear Lord! He sounds like one of those peo­ple who take um­brage when you ne­glect to of­fer them a crisp, and then when you apol­o­gise for the over­sight and grudg­ingly thrust the packet their way, say they didn’t want one any­way. Highly in­fra dig, I know. Still, it’s out there. Peo­ple are think­ing about the suc­ces­sion. Aren’t they al­ways? If I were Bernie I’d pull some stunt to show them who’s in charge, like that Ro­man em­peror who made his horse a sen­a­tor. Per­haps it could be a Pranc­ing Horse!

Do say Thank good­ness Ser­gio and Ron have iden­ti­fied a fu­ture need that no­body had no­ticed Don’t say I’m feel­ing a lit­tle ho(a)rse

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