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Your es­sen­tial F1 briefing #24 To­kens

Name To­kens Age Just over two years Ap­pear­ance Mori­bund What? To­kens are no more? I’ve still got a load from my lo­cal laun­derette that I haven’t used! You don’t have laun­dry fa­cil­i­ties in your abode? Join the 21st cen­tury, chum. I sup­pose I could use them to play bingo. From you, I al­ways ex­pect a to­ken ges­ture. Very droll. Any­how, of what do you blither? The supremely com­plex, ab­struse and recher­ché sys­tem of to­kens to re­strict For­mula 1 en­gine de­vel­op­ment is to be scrapped from next year. Oh good. I never quite grasped it any­way. Well, the idea was that the com­plete power unit was bro­ken into 42 ar­eas, each of which had a ‘weight’ in to­kens from one to three, de­pend­ing on their im­por­tance, com­ing to a to­tal of 66. Click­ety click! See, I said we could play bingo. So it would the­o­ret­i­cally cost you 66 to­kens to change ev­ery part of the en­gine. But the amount of to­kens each team could spend, and the ar­eas they could change, was to re­duce ev­ery sea­son. Last year, the num­ber of to­kens dropped to 32. Er, half a fat lady and one lit­tle duck! This isn’t re­ally work­ing, is it? So they all say – par­tic­u­larly the man­u­fac­tur­ers, who can’t keep up with Mercedes. Re­nault’s Cyril Abite­boul said, “An F1 dic­tated by the per­for­mance of the en­gine is not good for any­one.” Sounds like a bit o’ bull to me. Hasn’t Adrian Newey been bang­ing that drum for years? He has. But get this: he hates the en­gine un­freeze. He told Reuters that it would lead to a “spend­ing frenzy”, and that for those man­u­fac­tur­ers who aren’t will­ing to put hand in pocket “the gaps get big­ger not smaller”. Aero whizz com­plains that aero isn’t as im­por­tant as it used to be. Meh. You could at least make a to­ken ef­fort to com­pre­hend the grav­ity of the sit­u­a­tion. They’ve al­ways got to have some­thing to com­plain about. It’ll all come out in the wash… Boom, boom!

Do say You’ll never take our free­dom! Don’t say But you’re wel­come to th­ese to­kens

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