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Your es­sen­tial F1 brief­ing #26 Din­ner

Name Din­ner Age It’s about 700 years since the French coined the word dis­ner Ap­pear­ance Vari­able in both qual­ity and quan­tity A bit early to be talk­ing about din­ner, isn’t it? I can still taste the tooth­paste. For you per­haps, but there’s been a ‘big buzz’ on so­cial me­dia about the For­mula 1 drivers go­ing out to din­ner to­gether and tweet­ing a group ‘selfie’ through the GPDA Twit­ter ac­count. Re­ally? Ev­ery­one’s got to eat, you know. You’ll be telling me they don’t put their trousers on one leg at a time next. Quite so, but then For­mula 1 drivers don’t re­ally tend to hang around to­gether much nowa­days, so it’s ac­tu­ally quite un­usual. They’re prob­a­bly not even al­lowed to look at a menu with­out their train­ers vet­ting its gluten con­tent first… Prob­a­bly not. Any­way, how do you know they don’t hang out to­gether all the time? Maybe they just put on a front of not so­cial­is­ing. Maybe they do wifeswap­ping as well? Who knows? I dunno – Monaco’s quite a crowded place. There prob­a­bly aren’t too many prime dog­ging spots. Mov­ing on. This din­ner. Why the fuss? Well, some peo­ple think that it was a cal­cu­lated sign of unity, what with the drivers hav­ing sent that sniffy note to the sport’s stake­hold­ers a cou­ple of months ago. Meh. What about wine? Did they have wine? What sort of wine? That’s prob­a­bly of less im­port than the mat­ter of who wasn’t in the pic­ture. Who? The som­me­lier? Keyser Söze? No – Kimi Räikkö­nen and Kevin Mag­nussen, to name just two. You’re re­ally over­think­ing this now. Maybe they had a hot date else­where? In the drivers’ press con­fer­ence in China, Kevin said he was at a Re­nault ‘do’ else­where. I love the way the F1 press corps fo­cuses on what’s re­ally im­por­tant!

Do say You ab­so­lutely must try the roast cau­li­flower – it’s very low GI… Don’t say Ewww! He eats off his knife!

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