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Your es­sen­tial F1 brief­ing #29 Halo

Name Halo Age First de­scribed by Homer in the Iliad Ap­pear­ance A cir­cu­lar glow around the head or body

Halo, good evening and wel­come! You’ve been wait­ing to de­ploy that, haven’t you? It’s been a while since the word sprang to mind. I seem to re­call that the last level was a bit of a swine, but my Xbox is so old that I have to poke an un­folded pa­per clip into a hole un­der the disc drawer to get it to open th­ese days. What tan­gent has your brain taken this time? Do you not re­fer to the first-per­son shoot-‘emup video game of the early 2000s, and umpteen se­quels that I’m far too old to play? For sure not. And there I was ex­pect­ing you to pick up the Bey­oncé ball and run with it. If the singist to whom you re­fer wasn’t ac­tive be­fore 31 De­cem­ber 1989, I’m not in­ter­ested. What a cu­ri­ous cove you are. Any­how, the halo: a cock­pit-pro­tec­tion sys­tem for F1 cars, pro­posed by Mercedes, lam­basted by al­most ev­ery­one else for be­ing fugly, but one which is likely to be­come manda­tory at some time or other. Ah yes, that car­bon-fi­bre thingy. That in­deed. It gained favour with the FIA over Red Bull’s aero­screen be­cause it was in a more ad­vanced state of de­vel­op­ment, but Se­bas­tian Vet­tel tried it in prac­tice at Sil­ver­stone and didn’t like it. Then Red Bull ran one, with Pierre Gasly driv­ing and wear­ing a pair of spec­ta­cles with a cam­era mounted on the frame so peo­ple could see how it ob­structs the view from the cock­pit. Must have been a Gasly busi­ness – ged­dit? I’m not sure you’re tak­ing this se­ri­ously. Did they call him a speccy four-eyes? Hey – I’m talk­ing to Mcfly! Are you in­volved in the Strat­egy Group, per­chance? It would ex­plain why they never come up with any­thing re­motely sen­si­ble. I apol­o­gise, but it looks like some­thing you’d use to strap in your kid­dies on a fair­ground ride. A fair­ground at­trac­tion, eh? Per­haps this is the first of a mil­lion disses… I do the ’80s mu­sic gags around here.

Do say Safety first Don’t say Aes­thet­ics last

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