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Get over it

Good­ness, what a lot of meep­ing go­ing on about the aes­thet­ics of the halo. ‘Her­ald the death of spec­ta­tor in­ter­est in F1’, eh?

I’m much more wor­ried about the ef­fect on spec­ta­tor in­ter­est of F1 dis­ap­pear­ing from free-to-air chan­nels. But the halo makes an easy scape­goat I sup­pose.

It looks fine. Re­ally. Now can we kindly get over our­selves?

Daniele Gib­ney

By email

Fer­nando hears the drums

With the news that Fer­nando Alonso will con­test both the F1 world cham­pi­onship and the WEC this year, is this not a sign of a com­plete lack of faith in the Mclaren team?

Alonso doesn’t want an­other year in F1 com­pletely wasted, and his in­ter­est in en­durance rac­ing is a sign of what’s to come if Mclaren and new part­ner Re­nault do not de­liver the goods. But is Alonso still ca­pa­ble of win­ning a world cham­pi­onship in F1?

Granted, he’s had some poor cars in the in­ter­ven­ing years, but if he wants to con­tinue in F1 then a re­turn to Fer­rari beck­ons; they need to re­place that ‘‘lag­gard” Kimi Räikkönen any­way.

An­drew Byng By email

Good­bye grid girls

I felt like I had to write in fol­low­ing the vit­ri­olic re­sponse to the de­ci­sion to no longer use grid girls. I was de­lighted to hear

this an­nounce­ment, not be­cause I have any­thing against glam­our or tra­di­tion, but be­cause of the mas­sive un­der-rep­re­sen­ta­tion of women in F1.

As a life­time fan it’s al­ways made me sad when I think of my nieces – where do they see them­selves when they watch it on TV? Not as a driver, not as an en­gi­neer, and not run­ning the teams. If they’re pretty enough, they get to be a grid girl.

I ap­pre­ci­ate that it’s fun and glam­orous and they in­ter­act with the teams and guests, but I don’t be­lieve it’s ac­cept­able that this is the only area of F1 that women can be a ma­jor­ity in.

Claire Wil­liams, Susie Wolff and Mon­isha Kal­tenborn have done bril­liant work rep­re­sent­ing women in F1, but we have a long way to go.

Grid girls are only a symptom of the prob­lem rather than the cause.

There are so many al­ter­na­tive op­tions – what about fans, or youth groups, or char­ity work­ers? I’d love to see young rac­ers (of both gen­ders!) ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the grid. Sarah Hunt

By email

Tak­ing Lib­er­ties

So, ‘What a’ Lib­erty have jumped on the PC brigade’s band­wagon by ban­ning grid girls from F1. What will hap­pen at the Moulin Rouge if this ban on girls at events con­tin­ues? Can’t see the French do­ing that, though – can you? John Smith

By email

Salty Lauda

Af­ter read­ing They Ask The Ques­tions in the Fe­bru­ary is­sue,i couldn’t help but laugh. Lauda’s an­swers were salty and funny.

It re­minded me of a restau­rant chain in the States called Dick’s Last Re­sort where the bar staff in­sult the pa­trons. Maybe Niki missed his call­ing.

Brian Cur­tis

By email

Some read­ers feel that our sport faces more press­ing is­sues than the aes­thetic qual­i­ties of the halo

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