The strik­ing de­sign of Alex Wurz’s fi­nal F1 hel­met at Wil­liams was all his own work, and that in­cluded painting it him­self in his bath­room…

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Alexan­der Wurz’s de­sign in­spi­ra­tion

This has been my sig­na­ture de­sign since I was do­ing BMX when I was 12, and I’ve been painting my own hel­mets at home for nearly 20 years now. The blue on the top of the hel­met rep­re­sents the sky, the green at the bot­tom sym­bol­izes earth and yel­low at the front and back, sun­rise and sun­set. The red and white zigzags sig­nify the Aus­trian flag.

The prepa­ra­tion of each step is very long – there’s lots of mask­ing and cut­ting to do be­cause of the many colours in­volved in the de­sign. I take a blank hel­met and then mark every­thing on the mask­ing tape in pen­cil. Then I ap­ply the colour layer by layer with spray paint (I do this in the bath­room). Some­times I ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent ef­fects within the colours. Then the last step – maybe the long­est – is to do the black out­lines with a brush.

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