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A HUGE de­posit of buried ice has been dis­cov­ered on Mars. It’s thought that it con­tains about as much wa­ter as Lake Su­pe­rior, which is Earth’s largest fresh­wa­ter lake by sur­face area.

The layer of ice is in the north of the planet, and is cov­ered by be­tween one and ten me­tres of soil. Sci­en­tists think it will be an ex­cel­lent spot for the first as­tro­nauts on Mars to carry out tests in the fu­ture. These may re­veal what type of life, if any, Mars hosted in the past, and what the Mar­tian Ice Ages were like. It could also be used as liq­uid wa­ter, to help keep as­tro­nauts alive.

Re­searcher Jack Holt of the Univer­sity of Texas said: “This de­posit is prob­a­bly more ac­ces­si­ble than most wa­ter ice on Mars, be­cause it is at a low lat­i­tude and it lies in a flat, smooth area where land­ing a space­craft would be eas­ier than at some of the other ar­eas with buried ice.”

The team stud­ied ob­ser­va­tions of the red planet made by in­stru­ments aboard NASA’s Mars Re­con­nais­sance Or­biter space­craft.

This is the spot on Mars where NASA searched for ice us­ing radar sys­tems

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