Quick, Draw!

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GOOGLE sci­en­tists are teach­ing their ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence or ‘neu­ral net’ a brand-new trick: the abil­ity to tell what you’re draw­ing.

They’ve cre­ated an on­line game to help it learn. The game asks you to draw some­thing within 20 sec­onds. Then it will guess what you’ve drawn!

Ba­si­cally, they’re teach­ing a ro­bot how to play Pic­tionary re­ally, re­ally well.

You can play it on your phone or tablet, and on your com­puter, too. So it’s def­i­nitely worth check­ing out. Now we’re just won­der­ing what Google plan next for their advanced learn­ing ro­bot. maybe?

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