New York-Style Car­bonara

“Be gen­er­ous with the cheese and pancetta” – Marco

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400g spaghetti 100ml dou­ble cream 6 egg yolks 100g grilled pancetta 100g grated parme­san


1. Bring a saucepan of heav­ily salted wa­ter to the boil and add your spaghetti. Keep on mov­ing it around us­ing tongs, un­til it starts to cook. That way, it won’t stick to­gether. 2. Cut the pancetta into small strips, us­ing kitchen scis­sors. 3. Place the cream and the egg yolks into a large bowl and gen­tly break up the yolks us­ing a whisk. Mix to­gether gen­tly. 4. Af­ter around 5-6 min­utes, or when it is cooked, drain the spaghetti. 5. Us­ing the pan you just cooked the pasta in, add the egg and cream mix, then add the drained spaghetti. 6. Mix the spaghetti and the egg yolk mix to­gether – the heat from the spaghetti will cook the eggs. The sauce should thicken up as you mix. 7. Trans­fer to a large serv­ing bowl and add the pancetta and parme­san. Mix to­gether and serve.

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