Spi­ders needed!

First News - - Crazy But True -

AN Aus­tralian zoo has called on the pub­lic to help them col­lect deadly fun­nel-web spi­ders. Yes, re­ally!

The Aus­tralian Rep­tile Park has asked peo­ple to keep an eye out for the creepy crit­ters in their homes and gar­dens, even re­leas­ing a video on how to catch them safely. Fun­nel-web spi­ders are found in south­east­ern Aus­tralia and a bite from them can be fa­tal, if left un­treated.

The zoo isn’t do­ing this for fun, though. It needs the spi­ders to milk them for an anti-venom pro­gramme. The venom can be made into an an­ti­dote used to cure snake and fun­nel-web spi­der bites. Cur­rently, sup­plies of the an­ti­dote are run­ning low.

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