WE caught up with YouTube’s cra­zi­est in­ven­tor and au­thor of This Book Is Not Safe!, Colin Furze!

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For our read­ers who might not have heard of you be­fore, what’s your chan­nel about?

So I make YouTube videos, but I sup­pose more im­por­tantly I make crazy in­ven­tions and ideas into re­al­ity! You name it, I have a crack at it.

How long have you been in­vent­ing?

I al­ways liked fire and things as a kid, LEGO and Mec­cano. I was fas­ci­nated by fair­ground rides, too; see­ing them put to­gether, off the back of a lorry. I re­mem­ber try­ing to make one out of Mec­cano, with bits of wood and toi­let rolls!

Since then you’ve made some truly epic things! What’s been your favourite project?

I think the mag­net shoes! They were re­ally cheap to make, and no­body had done any­thing like it be­fore. But each one has its own story be­hind it. It’s re­ally tricky to pick a favourite!

And I’m sure First News read­ers would love to know, which was the most dan­ger­ous?

The jet bike or the 360 swing, prob­a­bly. The jet bike wasn’t very sta­ble, and if you fell off you’d fall into a mas­sive hot jet-en­gine. I’ve burnt my­self on a jetengine be­fore. I won’t be do­ing that again…

Have you had ideas for in­ven­tions that you haven’t been able to do?

Not re­ally. It’s all just stuff I haven’t got around to do­ing yet! Like the hover bike. That was al­ways one I wanted to do and didn’t. And al­though when I did, it could have been a bit bet­ter, I think for one guy in a shed I did pretty well!

You wear quite the uni­form on your chan­nel. Is there a story be­hind it?

It comes from my early videos, the ‘wall of death’ videos. I was rid­ing this old moped, that looked like the kind of thing that an old man would ride. So every time I did, I’d dress as an old man. I never wore a hel­met, and when peo­ple would com­ment on it, oth­ers would say: “He doesn’t need a hel­met, he’s got a shirt and tie on!” So it kind of be­came my so­called ‘safety tie’. [FIRST NEWS DIS­CLAIMER: AL­WAYS WEAR A HEL­MET!]

You used to be a plumber, so how does be­ing a YouTube mad sci­en­tist com­pare?

You get peo­ple look­ing at you a bit funny some­times, but it’s more like: “Are they look­ing at me be­cause they recog­nise me from the in­ter­net,” in­stead of: “Are they look­ing at me be­cause I’ve got a bit of toi­let pa­per on my shoe?!”

Do you still use any of your in­ven­tions? Like do­ing the hoover­ing with your vac­uum shoes?

The vac­uum shoes work, but they’re not ex­actly eas­ier to use than a nor­mal hoover! Some­thing will go wrong with them. I am in the bunker every day, and the door­bell gets a lot of us­age.

What in­spired you to write the book?

I’ve had all-sorts of peo­ple ask me: “How do I start do­ing things like this?” and this book is my an­swer. Ba­si­cally me an­swer­ing 1,000 emails at once. The book is filled with projects, which start off easy – ba­si­cally screw­ing in nuts and bolts. But you only need to know a few ba­sic things to make some­thing quite cool.

This Book Isn’t Safe! by Colin Furze is pub­lished by Puf­fin, priced £14.99.

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