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I STARTED to look af­ter my mum when I was aged seven. She has a con­di­tion called fi­bromyal­gia, as well as hear­ing and sight prob­lems.

It means she for­gets things and says the wrong words. I have to re­mind her to make sure the bath’s not run­ning over and help her cook, to stop ac­ci­dents hap­pen­ing.

I do more chores than my mates: chang­ing beds, shop­ping, and hang­ing out wash­ing. This means I don’t get to play out as much as I would like and I worry about mum. Some­times I get frus­trated, feel an­gry or sad, but I’m proud of what I do for my mum. We heard about Spur­geons Chil­dren’s Char­ity a few years ago. They help me have fun by tak­ing me to ac­tiv­i­ties where I can re­lax, let off steam and talk to other young car­ers. They also make sure we are okay by phon­ing or pop­ping in.

They help make life eas­ier! Spur­geons helps chil­dren like Archie. Visit www.spur­ to find out more.


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