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THE cast give us the low­down on their char­ac­ters. Lloyd, by ac­tor Dave Franco

“Lloyd’s a pretty com­plex char­ac­ter. He is the son of Lord Gar­madon, who is known as the most evil man on the planet. And ev­ery­one in the city knows that Gar­madon is his dad, so they treat him pretty hor­ri­bly be­cause of it. So, by day he’s a pretty tor­tured high school kid, but then by night he has a se­cret iden­tity where he’s the Green Ninja and pro­tects his home city against Gar­madon.”

Gar­madon, by Justin Th­er­oux

“He’s an aw­ful guy. You know, the worst guy in the world.”

Koko, by Olivia Munn

“Koko is the ex-wife of Gar­madon, mother of Lloyd. And she’s the mayor of the city. She has a se­cret iden­tity as well.”

Nya, by Abbi Ja­cob­son

“I love Nya. She’s re­ally com­pet­i­tive like me. She’s the one girl ninja so she’s kind of try­ing to hold her own with all the guys. She rides a mo­tor­cy­cle. Kai’s her brother and they’re pretty com­pet­i­tive.”

Jay, by Ku­mail Nan­jiani

“I play Jay. He is the most hand­some of the nin­jas. He’s the coolest. He’s a very emo­tional guy. He gets scared when there’s dan­ger. He’s sort of in love with Nya. He doesn’t think any­one knows. Ev­ery­body knows.”

Kai, by Michael Peña

“He’s just fire. He’s a very loyal guy. He’s very pro­tec­tive of his sis­ter and doesn’t want any­one to mess with his crew.”

Zane, by Zach Woods

“I play Zane, who’s a ro­bot. He has as­pi­ra­tions to be a nor­mal teen, but none of the ap­pro­pri­ate ref­er­ences. He’s emo­tion­less but wants des­per­ately to ex­pe­ri­ence the warmth of hu­man feel­ing.”

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