AU­THOR Tom Fletcher talks to First News about strange creaks, mon­sters, and what’s lurk­ing un­der his bed!

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Hey Tom! Tell us about your new book, The Creak­ers.

Okay, so The Creak­ers is about the strange noises you hear in the mid­dle of the night. You know when you’re ly­ing in bed and you hear your house make a weird noise? It turns out it’s th­ese weird crea­tures called the Creak­ers that live in a world be­low your bed! The story starts with a girl called Lucy and she wakes up one day and her mum’s not there – she’s gone miss­ing. Then she goes out­side and there’s an­other kid that’s come out of their house look­ing for their par­ents and an­other kid, and an­other one – all the kids re­alise that all of the grownups have dis­ap­peared! Could it be linked to th­ese strange crea­tures liv­ing un­der the bed?

What did you stash un­der your bed when you were younger? Don’t be afraid to em­bar­rass your­self here.

I mean, a lot of stuff! Even still now, it’s where all the un­wanted stuff goes. I’ve got a lot of shoes un­der there at the mo­ment, ac­tu­ally. It’s out of sight, out of mind, isn’t it? That’s what Creak­ers love – they love a mess.

Did you ever think there was a monster hid­ing un­der your bed when you were lit­tle?

I still do think that! I’ve been afraid of the dark my en­tire life. I’m afraid of not just mon­sters, but aliens, ghosts etc. I lit­er­ally have had sleep­less nights where I’m so scared I can’t even move – I just hide un­der the cov­ers. That’s where my imag­i­na­tion goes at bed­time, which is prob­a­bly why I’ve writ­ten a creepy, spooky book.

Halloween’s com­ing up! Will you be deck­ing out your house Halloween style?

We’ll def­i­nitely do pump­kins! We have a couple that the kids have, so that they can draw on them and paint them, and then we have one that’s a tra­di­tional one with a stan­dard face. Then I try to be re­ally cre­ative with an­other pump­kin – I’ve done char­ac­ters from my books be­fore. They do go re­ally wrong some­times. I might try and do a Creaker one this year.

Do you have a fave Halloween cos­tume that you’ve worn?

I did do Bat­man once, but that’s not very cool, is it? I’m not very cool in tights.

The Creak­ers by Tom Fletcher, il­lus­trated by Shane Devries is out now (Puf­fin)

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