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Where did we last leave your char­ac­ter, and where do we find her now?

In De­spi­ca­ble Me 2, Margo has a huge crush on a boy, but that doesn’t re­ally work out be­cause Gru doesn’t want her to like boys. Of course, it also turns out that the boy’s father is a su­pervil­lain, which doesn’t help ei­ther. That’s kind of where her love life left off. And then in this movie she has an­other en­counter with a pos­si­ble love in­ter­est, but she’s not ex­actly ex­cited about it.

Why do you think the De­spi­ca­ble Me movies are so pop­u­lar?

I think it’s two things. First, there’s the Minions. It’s hard not to en­joy watch­ing them do what they do. And then also be­cause each film has been about fam­ily, es­pe­cially with the first film cen­tring on Gru be­com­ing a bet­ter per­son by adopt­ing the three girls.

How long does a typ­i­cal De­spi­ca­ble Me record­ing ses­sion take?

Not very long, but they are spread out. I’ve been in about 12 or 13 times for this movie over the course of the last three years. But ev­ery time I came in, it was less than an hour. It’s not too in­tense or crazy. I’m sure Steve Carell stays much longer.

Did you ever get to record with Steve or Kris­ten Wiig?

No, we ac­tu­ally all record sep­a­rately. But I got to know Steve Carell pretty well, just from do­ing the pub­lic­ity for the films and from meet­ing him over the years, and he is just su­per cool. One of the fun­ni­est peo­ple I’ve ever met. I’ve re­ally en­joyed get­ting to know him.

Tell us about the new Min­ion.

Well, my per­sonal favourite Min­ion is still Bob, the one who has dif­fer­ent-coloured eyes. I ac­tu­ally have a toy Bob. So for me, he’s kind of the sweet­est, the most love­able. And Mel is now the sec­ond. I re­ally like him, too. It’s kind of like a love­hate re­la­tion­ship be­tween him and Gru in this movie. I thought it was funny how he’s the one lead­ing all the other Minions to stray from Gru, to try to find some­body who re­ally wants to be a vil­lain still, but then in the end he’s the one who misses Gru the most. It was so cute.

Is it true you started act­ing when you were three?

Yes. An agent came up to my par­ents at a food fes­ti­val here in LA when I was three, and I started go­ing on com­mer­cial au­di­tions and things like that. But I didn’t do much un­til I was maybe eight.

You were in Nick­elodeon show iCarly. Do you ever miss it?

Well, my best friend is Jen­nette McCurdy, who was on iCarly with me. I saw her last night. So I don’t miss her, be­cause I see her ev­ery day. But ev­ery­body else, for sure. I only get to see them once in a while. I def­i­nitely miss them.

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WE caught up with the voice of De­spi­ca­ble Me 3’s Margo, ac­tress Mi­randa Cos­grove, to find out all about the lat­est movie, plus all the in­side info on the Minions!

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