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BY get­ting the school bul­lies off his back and earn­ing him mil­lions of fans (in­clud­ing celebs like Liam Payne), magic has changed Dy­namo’s life. Now, in his new book, he’s promis­ing to teach you how to be a ma­gi­cian. Maybe it’ll change your life, too.

What made you want to write your new book, Dy­namo: The Book Of Se­crets?

It started off as an idea over a cou­ple of years. I wanted to put to­gether this guide that if I was a young ma­gi­cian (rewind 20 years ago when I was first get­ting into magic), what would I wish I had to help me. I started to make notes on my iPad when I was on tour, and slowly over time it’s grown into some­thing that has be­come a real man­ual for magic. It’s great to be able to in­tro­duce magic to a whole new gen­er­a­tion.

How did you pick which tricks to in­clude in the book?

It was hard to nar­row it down. But, also, there are things in the book that, if I’m be­ing hon­est, I’m quite re­luc­tant to give away. But, then I thought, if I’m gonna do this right, if I’m gonna cre­ate the best book of se­crets, then I have to give them some real gold. Give the peo­ple that read the book the abil­ity to re­ally do amaz­ing things. There’s a thing called mo­bile magic, which is great be­cause it in­volves mo­bile phones. There’s magic that uses bot­tles and mind-read­ing stuff, and things that just use your fin­gers. There’s enough stuff in there that, if you study it cor­rectly and take your time to learn ev­ery­thing, then you can ac­tu­ally put on a magic show your­self. But, then, even if you just want to learn some sim­ple magic to amaze your friends in the play­ground, there are things you can learn just by read­ing it once. You’ll have that skill for the rest of your life.

How do you come up with the ideas for your tricks?

Some of the ideas take a long time. For The Book Of Se­crets, some of th­ese things are tricks I’ve been do­ing for years. I thought, how can I sim­plify one of my rou­tines so that any­one can pick it up and learn it? I’ve also been lucky to get the back­ing of the Magic Cir­cle, and some of their top ma­gi­cians have do­nated rou­tines es­pe­cially for this book. I think we all agree it’s im­por­tant to get young peo­ple into magic now and keep magic alive for the fu­ture. Young peo­ple get­ting into it now could be the fu­ture of magic.

How did you dis­cover magic?

I started to see magic when I was like nine or ten. My grandpa would show me. But I didn’t learn my first bit of magic un­til I was 12. I ac­tu­ally got into it to stop some guys from pick­ing on me at school. They used to push me around, throw me in the wheelie bin, beat me up and take my din­ner money. So my grandpa showed me some mag­i­cal things that look a bit freaky, to scare peo­ple away! It kind of made them think I was a bit weird, but it got peo­ple off my back. Then, as I got more con­fi­dent with it, ru­mours around the play­ground spread that I had th­ese spe­cial pow­ers. Then I re­ally got into magic and learned things I could go and im­press ev­ery­one with. It changed my whole rep­u­ta­tion around school and gave me the con­fi­dence to come out of my shell. I was a re­ally shy, timid kid be­fore then and it gave me the skills I needed to sur­vive. Now it’s turned into how I make my liv­ing, which is amaz­ing.

How do you come up with the ideas for your tricks?

I was good at maths but I can’t say I re­ally en­joyed it. Although I was a skinny kid and not nec­es­sar­ily built for sport, I did like PE. I also liked mu­sic. I used to play the piano; I played for ten years and I got to grade six. I was al­ways fas­ci­nated by my mu­sic. At one time I learned how to play the flute, the piano, the gui­tar and the drums at the same time. I was a bit of a shy kid but I had big ideas and big dreams, even back then. Even back then I be­lieved that any­thing was pos­si­ble. In a way, I haven’t re­ally grown up be­cause, in some re­spects, I still be­lieve that to­day. I think that’s partly why I get such mad magic ideas. I was al­ways a dreamer. I prob­a­bly didn’t pay as much at­ten­tion in class as I should have done. I think I was mis­un­der­stood. But I think we are all dif­fer­ent and, if we were the same, life would be bor­ing. If you have your own ideas and you are dif­fer­ent, then I think you should em­brace it.

Dy­namo: The Book Of Se­crets is out now.

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