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Po­lice have been giv­ing your par­ents sim­i­lar ad­vice for a few years, but this is the first time they have de­signed it es­pe­cially for young peo­ple.

They have done this by tak­ing some time to speak to young peo­ple aged be­tween 11 and 16 years old about ter­ror­ism, to find out what they know and how they would re­act if they found them­selves in dan­ger.

The po­lice ex­perts then lis­tened to ev­ery­thing the young peo­ple told them and used that in­for­ma­tion to de­sign a cam­paign which will be­come the first ter­ror­ism safety lessons to be taught in UK schools.

The lessons are de­signed for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils, so they will be made es­pe­cially for those age groups. Your teach­ers can now ac­cess a short film – which is a mix of graphic novel an­i­ma­tion and live ac­tion – and teach­ing ma­te­ri­als. They will tell you the story of ‘Nur, Edih and Llet’, three friends who find them­selves in an at­tack, but fol­lowed po­lice ad­vice and stayed safe.

Some of the ea­gle-eyed among you might even be able to spot why the po­lice de­cided to call the char­ac­ters those names? (HINT: re­ar­range the letters!)

The short film is a mix of live ac­tion and graphic novel an­i­ma­tion

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