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NAUGHTY dog own­ers are well-known for col­lect­ing their dog’s poop in a bag but not putting it in a bin.

Now one man has taken ac­tion, after he be­came sick of see­ing bags of dog poo scat­tered around his home town. After us­ing the poo to power a lamp­post in­stead, Brian Harper says that the area is cleaner.

The lamp is on a path that leads into the Malvern Hills, which is pop­u­lar with dog walk­ers. Now, after dog own­ers have col­lected some of the free pa­per bags, they can scoop their pooch’s poop and de­posit it into a biodi­gester that’s hooked up to the lamp. The biodi­gester uses bac­te­ria to break down the poo and turn it into meth­ane gas – the same as the stuff that might power the heat­ing and oven in your house.

In the same way that elec­tric street lights turn on at dusk, the lamp has a sen­sor that al­lows it to start burn­ing the gas and pro­duc­ing light when it gets dark. Since this helps dog walk­ers to see where they’re go­ing, it shows peo­ple that “dog poo has a value”, Harper told The Guardian.

Bri­tain has lots of dog own­ers, so busy paths or streets kit­ted out with the lamps could save coun­cils money on elec­tric­ity. What do you think? Would you use one if it was in your lo­cal park or street?

“It’s get­ting dark. Time for a poo…”

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