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WE’D all love to have our own vir­tual re­al­ity head­sets, along with a PC pow­er­ful enough to run VR games. Prob­lem is, they’re pretty darn ex­pen­sive!

De­spite this, de­vel­op­ers and com­pa­nies who are work­ing on, and evolv­ing Vir­tual Re­al­ity (VR) head­sets, are solv­ing prob­lems that VR faces be­fore the rest of us get our hands on the tech.

One of the big­gest chal­lenges that high-end VR head­sets face, is that they’ve got to be con­nected to a pow­er­ful PC via long, heavy wires.

Of­ten you’ll find your­self get­ting tan­gled up, even if you’re not moving around all that much.

VR de­vel­op­ers are try­ing to solve this prob­lem in two dif­fer­ent ways. HTC, the de­vel­op­ers of the HTC Vive VR head­set, are cre­at­ing wire­less adap­tors for their VR gog­gles, which let you wan­der around free from wires.

How­ever, the tech isn’t quite con­sis­tent yet – and the op­tions out there are again, very, very ex­pen­sive.

Mean­while, com­puter man­u­fac­tur­ers are try­ing to solve the prob­lem a dif­fer­ent way – by turn­ing a pow­er­ful PC into a wear­able back­pack­lap­top!

De­signed to be light­weight, durable and pow­er­ful enough to run VR games, th­ese wear­able lap­tops are se­ri­ously fu­tur­is­tic.

Plus, they open the door to VR ex­pe­ri­ences in a much larger space than just a sin­gle room. You’d never have to worry about trip­ping over wires or run­ning into a wall again! SIM­PLE con­trols make Celeste an easy game to un­der­stand. But, be warned, this dev­il­ishly dif­fi­cult plat­former sure isn’t sim­ple.

In Celeste, you play as Made­line, a young girl on a quest to climb Celeste Moun­tain. To suc­cess­fully clam­ber up this pretty steep moun­tain, you need to mas­ter Made­line’s moves – which are pretty much just jump, climb and dash. Sim­ple enough, right?

Within a few stages, you’ll be­gin to re­alise that no, this isn’t too sim­ple af­ter all, as the game be­gins to chal­lenge your jump­ing, dash­ing and climb­ing in in­creas­ingly dif­fi­cult ways.

New ob­sta­cles are in­tro­duced, and you’ll re­ally have to mas­ter the con­trols if you want to reach the top.

As you climb this moun­tain, you’ll meet oth­ers who ei­ther live on, or are climb­ing Celeste too. The fur­ther you progress, the more you’ll un­cover about ev­ery char­ac­ter – in­clud­ing Made­line’s rea­sons for tak­ing on this tough chal­lenge.

There’s a lovely story blended into Celeste’s tough game­play but, if you’re up to the task, it’s not one to be missed. Plus, the mu­sic is great!

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