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Re­viewed by Meadow Hen­drick­son

This book is all about a young Valkyrie called Freya. Valkyries are from Norse mythol­ogy. If a liv­ing hu­man touches the feath­ers, bare skin or hands of a Valkyrie then they will be ‘reaped’, which means they die. The hu­man’s spirit rises and they go to Val­halla to serve Odin. The Valkyries’ job is to go down to Midgard (which is Earth for them), howl­ing their Valkyrie howls, to bat­tle­fields where they reap the bravest war­riors. How­ever, Freya doesn’t want to be a Valkyrie and flies off the night of her First Day cer­e­mony. Valkyries are sup­posed to have white wings, but Freya has black wings, and is left alone be­cause of it. In this book Freya flies down to Midgard and finds the world down there. She makes new friends and helps lots of peo­ple. I re­ally en­joyed this book, and if you do as well, then it is the first book in a tril­ogy. I am read­ing the sec­ond book at the mo­ment, and re­ally en­joy­ing it.

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