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SCI­EN­TISTS have found a way to con­vert a nor­mal red brick into an en­ergy-stor­ing bat­tery.

For a thou­sand years, bricks have been a key part of build­ing con­struc­tion, but now sci­en­tists say they’ve found a way to make bet­ter bricks.

By coat­ing the build­ing ma­te­rial in a spe­cial black sub­stance called a con­duc­tive poly­mer, the bricks can store an elec­tri­cal charge.

The red colour­ing in bricks is iron ox­ide (rust), which is a key part in mak­ing the poly­mer work as an en­ergy stor­age de­vice.

The sci­en­tists say that, if an en­tire build­ing was con­structed with th­ese bricks, they could store a “sub­stan­tial amount of en­ergy”.

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