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Junk food ban

The Mex­i­can state of Oax­aca has made it il­le­gal for shops to sell junk food – in­clud­ing sug­ary drinks – to kids, in an at­tempt to tackle child­hood obe­sity. Mex­ico has one of the high­est child­hood obe­sity rates in the world, and Oax­aca is the first state to make the de­ci­sion to ban junk food sales en­tirely. The move also fol­lows the news that over­weight and obese peo­ple are more at risk of catch­ing COVID-19. Shop own­ers caught sell­ing junk food to chil­dren in Oax­aca now risk fines, hav­ing their busi­nesses closed and even jail time. As the law was be­ing passed in the state Congress, shop­keep­ers protested about it out­side.

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