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A FEW months ago, Cressida Cowell, au­thor and Water­stones Chil­dren’s Lau­re­ate, started a new story in First News. Then she handed things over to YOU to write what hap­pened next. Ev­ery week the story has con­tin­ued, writ­ten by our read­ers, 250 words at a time. Read ev­ery part of the grip­ping tale at:


Long ago, a war be­tween spell­cast­ers and evil crea­tures took place. For many years, th­ese crea­tures have been locked away. Now, evil shapeshift­er Typhon has helped his fa­ther, the Lord of the Beasts, find a way to re­turn th­ese mon­sters to the world – un­less young spell­caster Fe­roc­ity and her smoke-pro­duc­ing pet bog­gart, Gug­galugs, can stop them! Af­ter surviving a sur­prise at­tack from the shapeshift­er, Fe­roc­ity and Gug­galugs find them­selves hid­den in the beasts’ lair with their spell­cast­ing al­lies: the mys­te­ri­ous Trick, his sis­ter Aida and his mum Ariella. The three had been fooled into be­liev­ing that the shapeshift­er was ac­tu­ally Trick’s grand­fa­ther – and very nearly lost their lives to him. Watch­ing from the un­der­growth, the group look on as the Lord of the Beasts opens the door to an an­cient mag­i­cal maze, which holds in­cred­i­ble power at its cen­tre.


The five pro­ceeded cau­tiously to­wards the glim­mer­ing sil­ver maze, but started to hurry when they saw the beasts and their leader rush­ing in a great wave to­wards it. With Ariella in the lead, they man­aged to squeeze in­side the en­trance just be­fore the beasts trick­led in. De­ter­mined to avoid them as much as pos­si­ble, the spell­cast­ers turned left onto an­other path. That was when Trick no­ticed some­thing.

Point­ing to­wards the end of the path­way, he mut­tered slowly: ‘Wait a sec­ond, see that? It’s mov­ing!’

They looked on, and im­me­di­ately saw what Trick meant. The turn to an­other path was slowly clos­ing, forc­ing them out­side into a slightly wider path.

‘This is go­ing to be the hard­est thing in my whole life! This mag­i­cal maze is never still!’ Fe­roc­ity moaned. The oth­ers all silently agreed, al­though none ad­mit­ted so.

Over the next few min­utes, they tried ev­ery open­ing they could find, but were soon closed off by the ever-chang­ing maze. Fi­nally, af­ter what seemed like an hour but was prob­a­bly only a few min­utes, a new path­way opened. The five could see that it went a long way with­out clos­ing, so they hur­ried in be­fore the maze could change its mind. Pro­ceed­ing straight for­ward, they met no ob­sta­cles un­til they came across the Lord of the Beasts him­self. He was walk­ing with his back to them, so, think­ing quickly, Fe­roc­ity hit him un­awares in the back with a strong, crim­son-coloured spell that sent him fly­ing back­wards across the maze. The group con­tin­ued ahead, smirk­ing slightly.


IF you took the time to have a go at con­tin­u­ing the story, thank you! We’re still en­joy­ing read­ing all of your amaz­ing en­tries! If your story wasn’t cho­sen this week, there’s no rea­son you can’t try again. We could choose you to be next week’s star writer!

You can sub­mit the next part of the story by email at news­desk@first­, pop­ping Story into the sub­ject line, or at­well.

We’ll be de­cid­ing on the next part of the story ev­ery Mon­day, so make sure you send us your story by then!

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