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BEN Davis is an au­thor of funny books, who likes to put his dog in daft cos­tumes in his spare time. His new story, The Soup Move­ment, ex­plores the un­likely friend­ship be­tween a boy called Jor­dan and a home­less man called Harry.

What in­spired The Soup Move­ment?

A very nice man called Richard Bra­bin, who set up his own por­ta­ble soup kitchen for home­less peo­ple in Ox­ford. I only used that as a start­ing point, though. The rest of the story is very dif­fer­ent.

Do you pre­fer books that make you laugh or cry? My books tend to do both, so I couldn’t pos­si­bly pick. If I can send read­ers on an emo­tional roller­coaster, I know I’ve done my job well!

What is your num­ber one tip for as­pir­ing writ­ers?

This is super bor­ing but it’s true: write as much as you can and read as much as you can. It’s the only way to fig­ure out what you’re good at.

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