First News : 2020-08-14



15. ENTERTAINM­ENT Issue 739 14 – 20 August 2020 FirstNews OF THE WEEK ©2019Disney Enterprise­s,Inc. AllRightsR­eserved. Disney+ Disney+ Not every performanc­e has had a positive response, though – like the Last Night of the Proms in 1995. Lots of people look forward to the Last Night of the Proms because they can sing along to a set of songs known as the ‘sea shanties’. That year a brand-new piece of music was added to the programme, by Sir Harrison Birtwistle. A lot of people thought it sounded too modern and stormed out. One newspaper said it sounded like “a saxophonis­t wandering around bellowing like a bull in a field of cattle”. Now, however, a lot of Promgoers think it’s a very important piece of music. Panic You can get involved with the Proms this year by watching and listening along at home, and through online activities called Proms at Home. You can build a den shaped like the Royal Albert Hall, do storytelli­ng with sign language, learn how to create your own one-word song, and more. For more info, see