First News : 2020-08-14

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22. GAME ZONE ADVERTISEM­ENT £4 a month From Do you know someone who loves ORCAS? Adopting an orca helps protect their future… Orcas are amazing but too many are dying. Poisoned by polluted seas. Accidental­ly caught in fishing nets. Some are even taken into captivity. By adopting an orca with Whale and Dolphin Conservati­on you can help us give orcas the protection they need to survive. Your support will help us protect them from activities such as industrial developmen­t, fish farming, logging and pollution. We’ll send you your very own adoption pack, including, a personalis­ed certificat­e with a picture of your adoption whale, a set of fun stickers and a colourful WDC badge. We’ll keep you up-to-date on their daily lives through a great quarterly magazine, a monthly e-newsletter and you’ll receive an email birthday and Christmas card. You can adopt: Or BEND FIFE Bend was a surprise from the time she was born. No one had ever seen an orca quite like her. On the front edge of her dorsal fin was a deep cut and it grew lopsided taking on a comical look of the sorting hat from Harry Potter! Fife is the younger brother of Corky. Tragically, he has never met his sister as she has been held in captivity by SeaWorld. He is quite a character, extremely handsome and easy to recognise by his tall dorsal fin. To find out more visit adoptawhal­ WDC IS A COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE REGISTERED IN ENGLAND, NUMBER 27327421, REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER 1014705 (ENGLAND AND WALES) AND NO. SC040231 (SCOTLAND). TELEPHONE 01249 449500 PHOTOS © ROB LOTT, SHARI MANNING, CETACEALAB