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A GAR­DENER has be­come the fastest man be­hind a wheel­bar­row, af­ter trav­el­ling 44.6mph down an air­field in North York­shire.

Gar­dener Kevin Nicks, from Ox­ford­shire, built his ‘Bar­row of Speed’ while on lock­down, to “in­spire oth­ers to be cre­ative and dis­tract them from bad news sur­round­ing the pan­demic”.

“I can’t change the world but what I can do is try to make it bet­ter for some peo­ple,” he said.

“For me, it’s re­ward­ing to see the smiles on peo­ple’s faces.”

Be­fore his bonkers bar­row, Kevin cre­ated the ‘Fastest Shed’, which reached speeds of more than 100mph on a Welsh beach in 2018.

Kevin’s record has yet to be for­mally recog­nised by Guin­ness World Records, which will ver­ify an at­tempt in sev­eral weeks’ time. Un­til then, the gear­head gar­dener is plan­ning on get­ting his bar­row to go even faster.

“As long as it doesn’t kill me, I’ll have set the Guin­ness record,” Kevin said.

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